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Panther Project (Spokane Valley)

October 3, 2014

Event Information

Schedule:Panther Project 2014 is Valley Christian School’s first annual service project and all school fundraiser. Students, parents, faculty, and administration will devote a full day of service to Spokane Valley. Over 350 volunteers will paint, plant, build, restore, and develop the Spokane Valley Parks. This year our major project will be to help develop the Appleway Trailway; which is located from University to Corbin, south of Sprague on the old Milwaukee Railway, Spokane Valley has great plans to make this a community connection. We are excited to serve and be a part of this great adventure! The Panther Project will serve our community with over 2400 hours of service. We are hoping you will support our students and their families as they serve our community and truly make a difference. Funds raised by Panther Project will provide supplemental support to the normal expenditures of the school and will be enhancing the programs available to the students. In addition to labor of over 350 volunteers, Panther Project contributes financially to Spokane Valley’s parks by purchasing materials for improvements the day of the project. This year the Panther Project 2014 will donate 10% of all funds raised to an additional local nonprofit. The Panther Project will be richly blessed and we will answer God’s call to be a blessing to others.


Venue:Valley Christian School
Address:10212 E 9th Avenue
City:Spokane Valley



Additional Details

Information Phone Number:(509) 924-9131
Information Website:Visit Website