Each weekday from 4–5 p.m. is The Road Home. Whether you’re leaving work and heading out into traffic, preparing for an evening meal or reflecting on the day’s events, host Chris Wright will keep you company during your afternoon transition.

He will serve up inspirational Christian music, keep you informed with interviews and local features, and help you plan with traffic and weather updates. Friendly, Christ-centered conversation will lift you up, and you’ll have opportunities to join the conversation, encouraging others. As you end your day’s activities and head into your evening, spend some radio time relaxing with host Chris Wright.


Chris Wright

Chris WrightAfter a near collision between his Coast Guard cutter and a Navy ship in the Pacific brought his life into perspective, Chris Wright realized, "If I would have died that night, I would have gone straight to hell, and God would have been justified in sending me there." That night he prayed for God's forgiveness and to know Him through Jesus Christ.

Chris Wright met his wife, Gerri, at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he pursued a B.A. in Communications from 1989-1992. Chris and Gerri have four kids, Megan, David, Kate and Ken. He enjoys hunting, riding motorcycles, sailing and reading.

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