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Share 2012: What's Your Story? Share 2012: What's Your Story?
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We Want to Know…
What’s Your Story?

“Thank you for ALL you have done to help me in my spiritual walk!!”

“Praise God for Moody and for their commitment to bring biblically sound speakers to help us … grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Thank you for your commitment to excellence in all of your programs!”

“My mother learned about God’s plan for salvation through Moody Radio in the 1940s. She accepted the Lord, read the Bible and grew in the Lord as she listened to Moody Radio daily. My brothers and sisters and I grew up with Moody Radio on every day, and I still appreciate your good messages, music and talk programs.”
— Joyce

Listeners like you are the reason why we exist, and we want to know … What’s your story? How has God used Moody Radio to impact your life? We’d be honored if you would share it with us.

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